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We strive to elevate the brand experience by continuously analyzing social media trends, content reach, and target audience. Taj specializes in curating brand specific content through unique story telling, event planning, and strategic growth initiatives.


At Taj, we offer a variety of packages to fit your every need. Our specialties include, but are not limited to, content creation and planning, photo shoots, website design, and event planning.


Tatiana G.

  • Lead Marketing & IT Director

  • Experience in marketing, design, and social media management for 6+ years

  • Temple University Alumni, School of Communications

  • Tatiana’s greatest strengths are her ability to design, creative visions, and building brand strategies.


Anjelica V:

  • Financial Consultant

  • Experience in retail buying, financial management, and fashion for 9+ years 

  • Temple University Alumni, Fox School of Business 

  • Anjelica's key strengths include financial planning, product development, and long term strategy plans.


Jennifer K.

  • Lead Brand Director 

  • Experience in retail management, buying, and cosmetology management for 9+ years

  • Temple University Alumni, Fox School of Business

  • Jen’s significant strengths include managing a staff, strategic planning, and executing brand vision.

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